Do’s and Don’ts of Doubt Resolution

3 min readNov 10, 2021


Asking questions is one of the most effective methods to learn. Indeed, research has shown that asking pertinent questions is a vital talent for deep and effective learning. Regrettably, most of us avoid raising questions in class, tuition because we fear being criticized or simply because we do not want to be made fun of.

Do you, too, experience shyness and hesitancy? Then, read this blog to be encouraged and grasp the concept that asking questions is not a terrible aspect.

Make Note of it

To begin, make a note of any doubts you encounter at any point. We’re most likely to have several doubts, and due to time constraints, teachers cannot respond to all of these questions in one sitting. Noting down queries is an excellent method to ensure that you do not overlook minor details.

If we do not jot down your concerns, they will vanish the moment we walk out of class! On the other hand, writing is a very effective technique for reinforcing learning. Writing down your doubts and then recording their solutions as soon as you discover them, will retain the idea more effectively.


Confess your doubts audaciously. This is a bold world in which there is no room for hesitancy. Bear in mind that each student has unique skills, capabilities, learning styles, and flaws. Each of us develops at a unique level. Thus, if you have doubts, you are NOT “imprudent.” Instead it’s good to have doubts. So just confess your doubts.

Be Fearless

Now in the last point we asked you to confess your doubts, but sometimes many students do not do so, reason? They are afraid to ask a question and feel that they’ll be embarrassed and what’ll their classmates think of them? Remember your classmates are on an equal footing with you, and the teacher is there to assist you.

Even when we’ve addressed your concerns, we sometimes have queries while studying late night for examinations. Now for these types of situations, students always rely upon Internet ‘chacha’. Now we do get answers from ‘chacha’, but do we get 1v1 with actual subject teachers? Well you can get it from us!! Click here or just ask ‘chacha’ where DoubtConnect is. He will guide you to us. Come fast!

Seek Answers

Seek answers! This is one of the proven methods to get your answers and can be done through various sources, like teachers, parents, friends, classmates, websites, doubt-solving platforms (like us ☺) , and books. Utilizing many sources of information improves your cognitive process and promotes systematic thinking. Now while seeking, you get to broaden your horizons and while practicing them you apply your knowledge to a variety of fields.

Widen your spectrum

Finally, avoid limiting the sources from which you seek clarification of your doubts. If teachers or friends are your sole resources for resolving doubts, you might lose out on the subject’s profundity. Instead, utilizing several sources enables you to learn more about a topic than you ever imagined.

Thus, when all students are open to interacting with teachers and encouraged to ask questions, a classroom becomes a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere. Teachers, too, get thrilled when student’s express doubts since it demonstrates that the students are paying attention. Nevertheless, doubts are essential, so keep asking!

So, let’s conclude, and we hope that you jump into your subject preparation and if you get stuck anywhere? You know where to find us! Here




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