A doubt-solving platform for students, by students!

DoubtConnect ~ Your Eureka Moment!!

How it all Started!

DoubtConnect was founded by these three friends who, instead of complaining about the lack of reliable help, decided to take matters into their own hands and solve it not just for themselves, but for every student out there! Having started in August 2020, DoubtConnect is currently a team of 20 “DoubtConnectors”; 18 of whom are still in college! They come from various universities and colleges all across India.

What is DoubtConnect?

DoubtConnect is the first ed-tech platform to provide a human touch to doubt solving and last-minute learning. It is an AI-enabled platform that instantly connects educators and students face-to-face to make learning as easy as booking an Uber.

What we Envision?

DoubtConnect envisions being a student’s go-to friend. Obsessed with eliminating students’ pain points, one at a time, DoubtConnect is building this next-level platform.

Enable students anywhere, to unleash their full learning potential!

The founders began this venture with a mission to Build a platform that provides CLOSURE* to the gaps in learning and enables every learner and educator to recognize and reach their potential through a personalized approach.

How is DoubtConnect Different?

A platform by the students, for the students.

A note from the Founders:

We as students felt that the problem was very much there and the existing solutions didn’t completely satisfy us. Hence, we decided and aim to bring a behavioral change in our society through DoubtConnect so that, every student anywhere, is able to learn better and become wiser.



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A doubt-solving platform for students, by students! Check out our website for more- doubtconnect.in