All you need for Electric Charges and Field, Class 12th

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The very first chapter of your class 12th Physics, Electric Charges and Fields is full of questions and practice. Also, Electric Charges and Fields requires a good amount of theory. And to fix that, you hunt for good resources. And for that Doubtconnect is here, We’re gonna list down all the things that you require for the Chapter, Electric Charges and Fields.

So before we get into the chapter, let’s see what we’re gonna deal with inside this chapter.

  • Basic properties of charge
  • Coloumb’s Law
  • Electric Field due to a point charge
  • Electric Field lines
  • Electric Dipole
  • Dielectric constant

So Now let’s see how we’re gonna go through it.

Source: Internet

At first, you need to go through concepts, concepts will be developed after watching a good amount of animated content or any content related to it.

So here are a few video suggestions. We’ll cover both free and paid content, here’s the list.

  • Electric charge and field by Physicswallah (Free + Paid)
  • Unacademy (Free + Paid)
  • NV Sir, Electric Charges and Fields, Etoos (Paid)
  • Electric charges and fields, Sachin Sir Physics, Youtube (Free)
  • Vedantu Youtube (Free)
  • Apni Kaksha,Youtube (Free)


So, once you’re done with understanding the concept through visualization, you have to come to read the theory line by line. And for that, you need a good book. It was fine while grabbing the concept through books, but now you need to remember it, so read any of the books thoroughly mentioned below.

  • NOTE: Read NCERT Physics, before any of these books.
  • HC Verma

Indian God of Physics, is one of the best things you can find. The book is sufficient till Mains and touches a little bit of Advance.

  • Coaching Material

Any good coaching material of reputed institutes like FIITJEE,Reso, Allen, and Aakash. You can even try something from Physics Wallah or Unacademy.

  • SL Arora

A good catch for the Mid-level entrance examination is SL Arora, although a lot of people get it as a Class 12 refresher book, but still a good choice.

    Here comes the man, the myth and the legend, which you won’t be able to solve in this entire lifespan, jk. Written by a freaky Russian scientist, is one of the most ideal books for Advance.

All you need is Practice

There are many numerical to practice in this chapter, there can be a lot of conceptual questions too. So just be prepared for it by revising your notes again and again.

And one very important suggestion is that you should be SHORT NOTES, especially for this chapter.

So this is all that you need to conquer this chapter as nothing more is required. Electric Charges and Fields, Done and Dusted once you’re done doing all the things mentioned above.

So this was all and if you get any doubts regarding this or any of your subjects whether Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics, We’re here!

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