Apps that can help you to boost your Productivity.

4 min readSep 21, 2022

Online academic navigation is not a simple undertaking. What chance do we have when the brightest minds of our time are fixated on ensuring that every possible distraction is only a click away.These diversionary activities can seem all the more alluring when there are numerous tasks to finish, deadlines to meet, and a mountain of things to learn. For students, there are productivity tools that are designed to quiet the noise and free up mental space. The improper programme will probably force you to deal with challenging user interfaces and additional features that may lead you astray. That is why we made sure the programmes on this list are quick and easy to use.

Our minds frequently deceive us into believing what we want to believe. To give you a false sense of accomplishment, your brain will conveniently inflate the number if you want to study for 8 hours every day but only study for 2. Time tracking tools might assist you gain a detailed insight of where you are actually spending your time rather than where you would like to. This is where you should use the app :

1. Forest :

Every time you want to begin a study session, you plant a tree in your virtual “forest” within the app. In the time frame you choose, the tree would develop from a seed or sapling to a tree.

It takes 25 minutes to grow the tree in accordance with the Pomodoro Technique. As you work, the tree will enlarge; however, if you take up your phone and close the app, your tree will die. More trees may be collected and added to your forest as you focus more.

Taking thorough notes is one of the most effective skills you can use as a learner. You can’t help but feel motivated when someone or something inspires you, whether it’s your teacher’s clear explanation of a concept, a friend’s practical advice, or simply an enlightening brain wave. Evernote is the one stop destination to organize all your notes.

2. Evernote :

Evernote is an effective note-taking tool with a wealth of features that can help you get the most out of your academic education. In addition to the standard functions of a digital notebook, Evernote lets you create to-do lists, scan physical documents, save web content and PDFs for annotation, and recover text from photos. You can even search, edit, and make notes directly in Siri or Ok Google on your phone.

3. Quizlet :

With professional explanations, an AI Learning Assistant, and flashcards, Quizlet gives you access to a full range of evidence-based study aids.

The simplest method to practice and perfect everything you’re learning is through Quizlet. It simplifies and expedites learning of languages, history, vocabulary, and science. It’s also free.

If you’re someone who wants to discuss and share more about this, you can join our Discord community, where students help one another to engage in healthy discussions and increase productivity.

The large tech companies are working nonstop to persuade you to spend your time liking, scrolling, commenting, or participating in social media activities.

When your phone buzzes, blings, or pops, do you find yourself reaching for it immediately? We concur that scrolling endlessly is very alluring as compared to an uninteresting job. Hence to cut off all your distractions Cold Turkey is your go to thing.

4. Cold Turkey :

What Cold Turkey purports to do, it actually does. You must have this programme if you have trouble controlling yourself and always manage to acquire what you want. To increase productivity and regain your free time, you can use it to block websites, games, and programmes.

Either you concentrate on repeatedly remembering everything that needs to be done, or you actually get started with the tasks at hand. Make use of to-do lists to organize the chores that require your attention. You can free up your brain from having to process everything at once by using to-do lists, whether they are digital or written out on paper. OSlash is where you can find everything you need, instantly.

5. OSlash :

You can connect to the tools and services you use every day with OSlash in a jiffy. When your work is dispersed over several platforms — such as Google Docs, Google Sheet, Slides, Notes, etc. — it is challenging to locate, access, and distribute the documents that you require on a regular basis. With OSlash, you may label any link with a shorthand you like, such o/physics-notes or o/to-do-list, to quickly navigate to the location you need. OSlash is a fantastic solution to keep all of your knowledge and resources arranged, structured, and in one location while saving your time.

You don’t have to utilize all the applications as a student, but by following some of the advice in the post, you will notice a noticeable change in how you feel about productivity.

As you do that, keep in mind:

● Not all people are naturally productive. It may be learned and refined over time with practice. So, don’t worry if you don’t feel like working straight away.

● Some people feel most creative in the early morning hours, while others prefer the solitude of the night. Choose a time that is most convenient for you.

● Regularly assess your progress to see what is working for you.

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