Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Revision?

3 min readDec 10, 2022

In terms of your JEE or Boards preparation let’s say, the revision section is crucial. A 64 GB memory card is not a human brain. Particularly when it comes to inorganic chemistry and practical organic chemistry, you can’t store everything at once.

The JEE material is extensive, and they also evaluate your memorization skills.

There are several subjects that need to be updated periodically. The same applies to subjects that are readily forgotten by you. These themes included practical organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry, particularly the p-block. In addition, some integration and current physics formulae required periodic updating. It is best to create a notebook with all the relevant information for formulas. It’s a big assistance. Don’t forget to update the same as well.

It is best to create a notebook with all the relevant information for formulas. It’s a big assistance. Also, remember to review the same thing every weekend. After, well, a couple of weekends, you’ll see that you’re totally cool with those subjects. This broad revising approach should be used throughout the whole JEE preparation process.

Immediately get to the revision plan after the syllabus is finished. We can only advise you to fix as many issues as you can across all subjects. These four issues will assist you:

● Your agility will increase

● You’ll become more accurate

● No explicit adjustment is required.

● Your shortcomings will be exposed

Given the short amount of time left, you should concentrate on selective study. With selective study, one more thing pops up, That is the pressure. The pressure of leaving something or the other, Here is the time where your friends or batchmates help. Sit with them while revising and teach each other.

Well if you can’t find anyone like that, you can surely join our Discord Server, where people from different places sit together and work. You can find friends of the same class as yours and learn through each other.

Try to finish your course work as soon as possible. After that, start answering questions from past exams. Since most of the questions will be variations of those from the previous year, taking more practice exams and working through sample papers from that year can be very helpful in removing your worries.

In addition to using several online resources, you can consult Arihant Experts to practice the questions.

If a particular subject is less important to you and you can’t finish it in time, don’t waste your time on it; instead, move on.

The crucial components for success are revising for the JEE Main and making notes.

Recommended YouTube channels to revise from



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JEE Wallah

Apni Kaksha

Unacademy JEE

Well, You’re all set to Revise now!

Set up a month or 2 plan! And get on to it. Stick to your daily schedule, take out some hours for revision and be consistent.

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