Class 12th Physics: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter, Tips, Tricks, and much more!

  • Electron Emission
  • Photoelectric effect
  • Experimental Study of Photoelectric effect
  • Photoelectric Effect and Wave theory of Light
  • Einstein’s Photoelectric Equation: Energy Quantum of Radiation
  • Particle Nature of Light: the Photon
  • Wave Nature of Light
  • Modern Physics, Sachin Sir Physics, Youtube (Free)
  • Vedantu Youtube (Free)
  • Apni Kaksha,Youtube (Free)
  • Modern Physics by Physicswallah (Free + Paid)
  • Modern Physics by Unacademy (Free + Paid)
  • NV Sir, Modern Physics, Etoos (Paid)
  • NOTE: Read NCERT Physics, before any of these books.
  • HC Verma
  • Coaching Material
  • SL Arora
    Here comes the man, the myth, and the legend, which you won’t be able to solve in this entire lifespan, jk. Written by a freaky Russian scientist, is one of the most ideal books for Advance.



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