Do 12th Marks Really Matter in Life? Unlocking the Truth & Debunking the Myth

3 min readMay 16, 2023

Imagine a courtroom scene where the case is being argued: “Do 12th Marks Matter in Life?” On one side, the defense presents countless success stories of individuals who flourished despite average scores. On the other side, the prosecution brings forth statistics and anecdotes that suggest a strong correlation between high marks and prosperous futures. As the case unfolds, we explore both sides of the argument, examining the positives and negatives associated with 12th marks as potential life-defining factors.

Do 12th Marks Really Matter in Life? Unlocking the Truth & Debunking the Myth
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Positives: The 12th Board as a Stepping Stone to Success

  1. Foundation for Higher Education: Scoring well in the 12th board opens doors to prestigious colleges and universities. Admissions are often based on merit, and strong academic performance can provide a competitive edge.
  2. Scholarship Opportunities: Many scholarships consider 12th marks as a criterion for eligibility. High scores can lead to financial aid and reduce the burden of education expenses.
  3. Job Prospects: Certain professions, such as medicine and engineering, have stringent eligibility criteria, including minimum marks on 12th boards. Good scores can create more opportunities and increase employability.

Negatives: The Limitations of 12th Marks

  1. Limited Representation: 12th marks do not reflect a person’s overall abilities, skills, or potential. They focus primarily on theoretical knowledge, overlooking practical and creative talents.
  2. Stress and Mental Health Impact: The immense pressure to achieve high marks in the 12th boards can have detrimental effects on student’s mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, and burnout.
  3. Alternative Pathways to Success: Many successful individuals have carved their paths without relying solely on academic achievements. Entrepreneurship, vocational skills, and personal networks can significantly shape a prosperous future.

The Verdict: Unveiling the Truth

The truth lies in the middle ground. While 12th marks can undoubtedly open doors and provide certain advantages, they do not solely determine one’s entire life trajectory. Personal attributes, skills, passion, and perseverance are equally vital ingredients for success. It’s crucial to remember that each individual’s journey is unique, and unconventional paths can lead to remarkable achievements.

“Intelligence and character is the goal of true education,” Martin Luther King Jr

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All that matters to him/her is what you say on seeing the report card.”
Manoj Arora, Happiness Unlimited: How to be Happy always


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