Effortless tools that’ll make your teaching easy

3 min readDec 13, 2022

Are you still facing problems in making your class interactive? Many teachers and students are still dealing with a variety of difficulties as a result of the abrupt shift to remote learning, from not having an internet connection to locating the right resources to get over the limitations of online learning. It is crucial that teachers arm themselves with cutting-edge instructional technology tools in the modern digital world. Technology is a reliable assistant that contributes to the fun and effectiveness of the teaching and learning processes. We have put together a list of resources you can use to improve your experience with online teaching, or remote teaching as it is now more commonly known. You can browse the list and decide which online teaching resources are best for your remote teaching objectives


On the game-based learning platform Kahoot, you may make entertaining educational games. You can create quizzes on any subject and in any language, and you can include videos, diagrams, and images to personalize them. By entering the game codes on their smartphone or application, students take part in “kahoots” (games).

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You can put your classroom online using Edmodo software. It offers teachers a variety of online tools that enable the sharing of lesson materials, giving out assignments, and showing students’ marks. Additionally, you may manage calendar events, communicate with students and parents, and add students to learning groups to ask doubts.

Show My Homework

With the aid of the free technology tool Show My Homework, teachers may much more easily set, administer,solve doubts, and monitor homework assignments. With its mobile app, teachers can easily assign homework, record student submissions and grades while on the road.

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You can build instructional classes using the platform Ted-Ed. You can structure a class around video content and provide homework to gauge how well your students comprehend it. Additionally, you can use pre-made films from the carefully chosen “TED-Ed Originals” section, which includes lessons created by teachers from all over the world.This videos could be used to solve doubts — be it a sociology doubt or math doubt. It can be a savior at times.

We sincerely hope this was useful. It’s simpler than it looks to teach online in a virtual classroom; the hardest thing is getting used to it. Every class is simpler than the one before it once you have the resources necessary to be effective and interesting.




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