Good Knight

4 min readAug 6, 2022

Oh Hey there! What are all these red marks you ask, OH just you know rain and mosquitos are just endless. We are just fed up with them. Recently we read in a blog that how important is sleep for students.

When we improved our sleep schedule, mosquitoes just hoped to ruin it, couldn’t sleep only last night. What we are planning to do is get a Good Knight. We will keep it on active mode all night that is what is needed.

What were you saying again? Your exams are around the corner, so when are you planning to switch on your active mode? Didn’t get it, don’t worry, read this to the end to understand the point here.

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What modes do you have?

See students can just be like a good knight. When things are going pretty easy, keep the normal mode on just to be subtle. But when things dial up to eleven, just look at you switching to active mode.

Normal would be a couple of months before your exams, when all you want to do is, hang out and chill with friends. At that time you do not even take mosquitoes, oh sorry exams into consideration. Our bad :)

Any guesses what your active mode is? That is correct, those all-nighters that you pull just a few days before the exams and those endless mugs of coffee on which you survive.

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Where you are wrong?

Well, you might be good at the all-nighters and it just might help you score. But have you noticed how exhausted you are after that? So, what we are coming to is the point that do not heat yourself.

Especially do not fiddle with your tests. They are something that every student must give with a calm mind. Already having general anxiety about the same, you need to be in a stable condition to attempt.

Ever noticed what happens to a good knight, when kept in active mode for too long? It heats up and has to be switched off for a while before it can be used again.

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What should you do?

Now, before stressing hear us out. All you need to know is the appropriate time to switch modes. You see, just like you predict that now your room might swarm with mosquitoes, you put on active mode.

Similarly, when you know exams are around the corner, start some preparation in advance. This small step would help you go a long way. Keep a simple fact in mind, early preparation is better than late one.

If you keep this trick up, you would be able to give your exams the way you are supposed to, which is with a calm and steady mind. This would allow your brain to function at max capacity when required.

And when exams are just in a couple of days, you can switch to normal mode and take it easy for a while. So that you are prepared for the main event. You know what works the best for you.

So study accordingly and study well for your own sake. Try the trick out and in the end, you will thank us for those extra points you get, more than your last test series.

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Refill change

Now we understand that sometimes things go out of hand, and you might overheat. At that time, we will be there to help change your refill. We intend to do this by solving your doubts.

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