Last 1-month strategy to get 90% Marks in Boards (Class 12th)

4 min readFeb 11, 2022


12th board exams are quickly approaching and the last few months are the most vital ones in your preparation. It isn’t easy to prepare for an examination that is known as one of the most important examinations of your life. As a youngster, board exams are probably the primary challenge you’ll face among the many other challenges that you may face later in life. However, the good part is, you can easily score 95+ in spite of simply one month of preparation. And, you simply have sufficient time to be prepared.

With little over a month left for the examination, here are a few beneficial hints that let you prepare yourself for the examination in a faster and higher way. No matter how much you like or dislike this subject but yeah it can be a hidden weapon to obtain good marks, let’s not waste our time more on this stuff, let’s directly jumps into the last month tips to grab 95+ marks in Boards

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  1. Pomodoro Method: If you are thinking to study for a longer time without taking any breaks because you feel that it will lead to distraction but wait it is not the right way to study in these few days because the human brain cannot concentrate on anything for more than 50 minutes and if you try to do so it will lead to lack of concentration and boringness and at last you are wasting your time.

Pomodoro is a time management technique where you divide your tasks with time. You can apply this method as if you are studying the topic which you think can take 2 hours, so divide it into 4 parts with 30 min each and study 25 min and take 5 min break and then follow the same process. You will find that you are not losing concentration and are able to complete the chapter in time. The advanced version of this technique is to study for 50 min and have a 10 min break. Make sure the break should not contain study-related stuff.

  1. Set a Specific time for study: Putting a specific time in a day or for the duration of the week just to examine train your mind by creating a routine and over time study really become less complicated as your mind gets skilled to research the ones moments come to be for e.g. if you are habitual of doing any work in the morning lets say bathing if you take bath in the morning it will hardly take around 5 min, but if you suddenly switch the bathing in afternoon or evening you would find difficult to do in 5 min. The same thing is applicable for study, try to specify the times with subjects as your brain is trained to do that activity at that time of the day and you have to apply some extra effort in performing the same task.
  2. Solve past year’s question papers: This is the ultimate secret of toppers they are attempting to solve as many past years as possible. try to solve at least 5 past year’s question papers to get an idea of the exam pattern and popular questions. solving previous year’s question papers will enhance your confidence. you will also be capable of understanding the form of questions to be expected in the exam and preparing accordingly. try to finish solving all through the allocated time as noted on the question paper to check your speed as required in the final Board exam.
  3. Practice More and More: Try to practice good questions from NCERT exemplar, illustrations, PYQs, sample questions, etc. Make a table indicating chapter-wise marks distribution so that you can ensure that you don’t leave out a chapter with high marks weight-age. And which topic to do at last. This will actually assist you to find “topics to recognize on.” In case you are weak in a topic and its weightage is high, then you ought to first focus on that topic.
  4. Sleep well and have a good Diet: Maximum students stay up late till night time to finish revising before exams. You need to remember that it is proper sleep that turns your short time period memory into long time memory (what you could take into account sitting in the examination hall). So, sleep 7–8 hours every night to ensure all of your day’s studying is certainly retained by your mind.

Drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed in case you are facing problems sleeping.

The last but no longer the least essential one is to have fun. there may still be enough time to improve your overall performance and rating better marks.

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