Last 3 months Strategy for Board Exams

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An excellent Class 12 Board Exam result has a significant impact on a student’s life. Board examinations are as difficult because passing one guarantees you a spot in one of the top universities in the nation or abroad. It is the best method for selecting your ideal profession. Therefore, from the start of the academic session, you must be consistent with your study if you want to achieve an excellent result on your board exams.

However, the majority of students disregard their coursework and set aside a set period of time to prepare for board examinations or final exams. A subtle reminder that a student’s capacity to understand a subject matter determines how much time will be needed for the full preparation. It is undeniable that each learner has a different level of grasping capacity. A pupil with poor comprehension skills may find it difficult to qualify a subject with rapid preparation.

For Physics

  1. Gain a firm grasp of principles to solve numericals.

For Mathematics

  1. Don’t tangle up, R.D Sharma is more than sufficient.

For Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry
  1. It receives the highest grades in Chemistry. Simply memorize each significant name reaction. Write them down and edit them each day to help them stay in your mind.
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  1. Read from the NCERT and respond to all of the practice and model questions.
  • Physical Chemistry
  1. For the numerical portion, a lot of practice questions are required.

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You’re not alone if you perceive tests to be difficult in your life and are frequently sidetracked during study sessions; the majority of people experience these things. But keep in mind that tests are a unique learning process that widens your mind to new concepts that will benefit you in the long run.

Tip: you can form study groups with individuals who are preparing for the same exam as they are. Any questions a kid has or issues they struggle with show a lack of understanding. It is much easier to ask someone else who may already know the answer. And if you’re not able to find people? you can surely join our Discord server, where we have a good number of students, who study together and discuss doubts.



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