Last 3 months Strategy for Board Exams

  1. Gain a firm grasp of principles to solve numericals.
  2. The Physics section is connected throughout. If you overlook one, the other won’t make sense. Clarify each and every idea. To fill in the gaps in this bridge, ask your teachers, friends, and other class 12 reference books for assistance.
  3. Concept and logic are important in physics. So studying in advance won’t really help. Since CBSE places more emphasis on the application portion, read the questions carefully and try to figure out your response.
  1. Don’t tangle up, R.D Sharma is more than sufficient.
  2. There’s absolutely no time to master each and every concept. Focus on practicing the solved examples.
  3. And Don’t forget past year papers.
  • Organic Chemistry
  1. It receives the highest grades in Chemistry. Simply memorize each significant name reaction. Write them down and edit them each day to help them stay in your mind.
  2. Finish the NCERT exercises and sample questions after finishing the chapter.
  3. Connecting ideas will help you remember them because they are related. One will learn more quickly and never become confused with this strategy.
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  1. Read from the NCERT and respond to all of the practice and model questions.
  2. Always work on your writing skills to produce the finest possible answers within the parameters.
  3. To gauge your level of preparation, practise 10 years’ worth of prior year questions chapter by chapter.
  • Physical Chemistry
  1. For the numerical portion, a lot of practice questions are required.
  2. Clear concepts and apply formulas, don’t simply mug up.
  3. Stick to NCERT.



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