Last one-month strategy for your Board examination

Hey Mate, probably this might be your break period and again you’re landed up at something related to your board examination. The parents, school, teacher, relatives, friends and what not? Everyone is just behind your life for that particular examination? And now even this cute blog too?
Noo way! Doubtconnect got your back buddy.

Yes, it’s true that your board exams are just over your head and you have a lot of pressure to deal with. But ykw, Let’s do this, it’s the high time you should pack yourself up and be ready for this glorious war, where you have to fight yourself. You don’t like sitting at a table to study in these chilly winters but get up and fight yourself, make every possible change in a good direction to make this journey worth it.

And we’re here to make it a little less hectic for you, trust me, it’s going to be fun.

  • Declutter

Yes right, that would be the first step to go with, Declutter your life. Declutter in a sense that removes all the things that don’t make value in your life for some time.

Is your Instagram distracting you? Uninstall it or those youtube videos? Stop watching them for some time.
Get yourself out of that life and put yourself to the grind mode. You can even start cleaning your messy untidy room a little, where your football jersey is still lying on that bean bag.

  • Now Plan

Planning is something that can double your prep up. A little advance preparation can take you up super fast without a rocket.

Plan how you can be more effective cut those activities that waste your time and try to get the most out of your day.

As it is the last month of your prep, put yourself completely in. Devote as many hours as you can, Go on to study marathons, and extract all in your revision.

  • Revision

Last but not the least, It should be your top priority. By now, I’m assuming that you have completed your syllabus or you’re about to. Now everything depends on your revision.

Don’t forget to apply all the past year's papers and mock tests to examine you as a part of your revision. They are the game-changer. Imagine it as your brahmastra (The undefeatable weapon) and now, You are left with no choice.

With this, You’ll feel confident, and with confidence and knowledge, you’re gonna excel at your boards!
Now is the time to revise and start answering practice questions.

Good Luck :)

Also, if you face any doubts regarding your subjects, Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics. Your Doubt partner is here, DOUBTCONNECT, a doubt-solving platform for all your doubts.

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A doubt-solving platform for students, by students! Check out our website for more-

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A doubt-solving platform for students, by students! Check out our website for more-

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