Late night exam preparation tactics for you

3 min readOct 21, 2022


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We frequently argue about when is the optimum time of day to study, and some people have asserted that the early birds really do get the proverbial worm. However, research has found that late at night is when the human mind is most creative. It’s true that many people find it simpler to focus after nightfall when ambient noise levels have significantly dropped. Knowing how to study at night is thus a useful life skill. If you want proof that late nights may be really productive, just ask any college student!

Bed is your enemy

Getting comfortable on the bed can sound like a nice idea, but trust me, it’s not. You’ll feel OK for the first 10 minutes or so, after which you’ll start to nod off. When it comes to learning how to study at night, this is a massive red sign! At all costs, stay away from the bed. You already have your study-work, so you don’t need anything else to put you to sleep.

No heavy dinner

As a result, you might be noticing a trend here that keeps happening. Prior to going to bed, consuming large meals increases your chance of falling asleep. Heavy meals, which are known to make you tired, are the last thing you want to feel before a late-night study session. Snack on light, nutritious foods. Additionally, take frequent 10-minute breaks to snack. Your mind will be engaged, and your body will be energized.

No Notifications

This may be challenging given that the majority of us rely on our laptops for studying and our phones to contact pals for study advice. However, downloading everything and avoiding Wi-Fi on your computer is an excellent strategy to carry out this procedure. The phone is the same. Eliminating the source of the issue will undoubtedly help you have a productive study night because the majority of technological distractions result from an internet connection.

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Keep moving

In addition to avoiding the bed, it’s a good idea to switch up your study location frequently. Again, it all comes down to activity. Your mind will soon become stationary if you stay put, which will lead to sleep and a loss of focus. Continue shifting your location every hour or two (as you see fit). By doing this, you’ll maintain the initial mental orientation.

Set alarms

This accomplishes two goals at once. The first, and most obvious, is to make sure you stay awake and don’t nod off. The second one serves as a reminder of how much time has gone since you began and is a useful productivity indicator. Even though you don’t want to, that annoying sound will make you stay awake, so while you’re up, you might as well get some work done!

Remember that no one can function adequately without enough sleep if you follow these advice. A good night’s sleep is essential for memory recall, so pulling an all-nighter isn’t always worth it. If you do decide to draw one, be careful not to drive the next day because your attentiveness will be much diminished.

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