Notes & Resources; Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations Class 11th

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How do we cope with the square roots of negative integers and what are complex numbers? Students can better grasp complex numbers and how to use them to solve issues by reading Chapter 5. Additionally, it will discuss the Argand Plane, the square roots of negative numbers, and venture into the world of quadratic equations. You must have previously studied linear and quadratic equations in one or two variables. You will learn more by learning about complex numbers in the chapter Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers. You’ll discover how to solve equations that don’t have a real-world answer. So let’s get started and swiftly go over this crucial section of the class 11 math curriculum.

Things under the Chapter

  • Properties of Complex Numbers
  • Addition of Two Complex Numbers
  • Subtraction of Two Complex Numbers
  • Multiplication
  • Argand Plane and Polar Representation

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Probability Class 11 Key Notes

One should be able to fully understand the concepts and fundamentals of the chapters that are included in each subject in order to be able to perform well in complex number and quadratic equations in the eleventh standard as well as any other chapters of any subject like mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc., that the student finds difficult to understand. Be aware that practically every chapter in mathematics builds on the prior chapter, much as the ideas behind class twelve math concepts do the same for class eleven math ideas. To perform well in the twelfth math, one must fairly understand the subjects, equations, and theorems of the eleventh math.

How can I get access to the notes?

There are numerous notes online for Boards, Mains, and Advance exams, among others. So we will provide recommendations for you based on those needs.

You ought to have finished your NCERT for basics by this point.

Boards — Apni Kaksha | Physics Wallah

Mains — Unacademy JEE | Physics Wallah

Advance — GB sir Sheets | Any good Coaching material

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