Notes & Resources; Permutation & Combination Class 11th

Have you ever considered how many different ways your contact number could be configured if one of its numbers were switched? Or, how many different ways can all of the pupils in your class sit together? Permutation and combination are one of the new subjects included in the class 11 math curriculum. Permutation and combination chapter for class 11 is a highly scoring subject if you are well-versed with it. It is known as one of the most engaging topics.There are particular chapters that students struggle with time and time again. One of the chapters in mathematics is called Permutations and Combinations. It is advised that students review the Permutation and Combination Class 11 Notes because of this. Our chapter notes will assist you in comprehending and remembering the material, whether you are preparing for academic or competitive exams. So let’s get going!

Things under the Chapter

  • Different Permutations

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Tips and Tricks

  1. Develop a Holistic View

Permutation and Combination Class 11 Formulas

  • nPr = n!/(n-r)!

How can I get access to the notes?

There are numerous notes online for Boards, Mains, and Advance exams, among others. So we will provide recommendations for you based on those needs.

You ought to have finished your NCERT for basics by this point.

Boards — Apni Kaksha | Physics Wallah

Mains — Unacademy JEE | Physics Wallah

Advance — GB sir Sheets | Any good Coaching material

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A doubt-solving platform for students, by students! Check out our website for more-