Red Flag or Green Flag

3 min readJul 18, 2022


Another tool that all of us have on our mobiles these days is the play store. With more than 3.48 million apps, no chance that you cannot find one suitable for you.

Now, what is our, favorite app? Yes, DoubtConnect is one of our favorites, but there is another one, that we all love.

What was it again, it is that purple and white logo on your phone, in the shape of a camera… Oh Yeah, Instagram it is!!


How can anyone not know Instagram right? According to the report of, it is the third most downloaded app globally, with more than 3 billion downloads.

You must be aware of the green and red flag thing on Instagram. It is a quick and fun way to sort of tell you about the pros and cons of something. But is it only Instagram where these flags are present?

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The Hidden Flags

If you are a class 10th or 11th student, there is something that we must warn you about. That there are red and green flags in your studies as well, especially at this stage of your education.

A few red flags may be

A. No schedule of studying

B. Not getting doubts solved

C. Procrastinating on learning

Oh, above written things are the ones that you should be worried about. But it is something which can be dealt with easily.

The issues mentioned above do sound problematic. But the key here is to deal with them one at a time. After all, you are a student, right? Just like you pick one subject at a time to study.

Similarly here pick up the things to be dealt with one at a time. This would help you ensure a better performance in your results and overall studies.

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Time for a color change

Now, we do not like the color red and it signifies danger and warning, something of this sort. So how about we change it to green. The color is proven scientifically to calm us down and signify growth.

About the first one, you do not have to sit with a calendar and start marking days like a lunatic. Just plan daily. See the tasks you have ahead of you and plan accordingly as per your comfort.

If you do need someone to keep a check on you, ask a friend or someone from your place who stays at home. This way, you would slowly get into the flow of studying regularly.

About the second one, feel free to log in to DoubtConnect. We offer instant doubt solutions, through a personalized session with a faculty eagerly waiting to help you out. Or else join the discord server where we solve hundreds of doubts for free. Become a part of our community.

Now if you take these first 2 steps sincerely, the third flag would change color itself. If things still feel a bit foggy, wait for the second part of this blog, where the third flag would be dealt with once in for all.

So, study hard, study well, and good luck!




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