Solutions to 4 Major Problems Faced by Students During the PANDEMIC!!

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”. — NELSON MANDELA

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1. Irregular sleep cycle

Sleep is the most important factor that affects one’s mental as well as physical well-being. We (the youth) tend to sleep late and are forced to wake up early because of on-going online classes. This in turn has affected our sleep schedule, resulting in reduced memory power.

Solution: It is necessary that to solve all our problems, we gather enough mental and physical energy which is ultimately attained with a proper sleep schedule. Although we understand it is not easy to be disciplined enough to do this, try putting your phones and laptops away by 11 or 11:30 pm. Don’t text or watch anything beyond that time, dim your lights and get into bed by midnight. Start waking up by 8 am each day, and after a while you will see yourself automatically feeling sleepy at night on time.

2. Time Management

No matter where you go, or how old you become, time management is the one thing that a person needs to learn at every stage in life. As students, being unable to balance time between enjoyment and studies is a pretty common problem, but to work around it and prioritize enough time for education is what one needs to learn and follow. These days, with education taking a shift from the offline to the online world, students tend to spend more time playing online games, on social media, and watching YouTube videos; which is starting to affect their academic performance (grades). Hence, if only one could give enough time to study in a day, and continue doing the other extra activities without affecting the study hours, would we see how effective and important time management is.

Solution: Wake up by 8 or 8:30 am. Each morning, sit with a diary or a to-do list and write and plan your day along with some coffee or breakfast. Try to jot down what all you plan to get done and accordingly make slots for study time depending on your concentration span. Make sure you complete the majority of your planned study material in the morning itself as you are fresh. Do the rest of the work in the evening after your lunch and a small nap. Try and keep nights free so you are relaxed and can sleep on time.

3. Lack of Personal connect

Due to the lockdown, in-person classes are an impossible event, which is creating a problem and a gap between a student and a teacher. Hence, making us vulnerable to studying perfectly. And the lack of interaction is affecting the performance and grades.

Solution: Join and use apps which offer video content and are real time and interactive as it’s the only way teaching can feel personalised as well as efficient with a perfect understanding of concepts.

4. Stress

As a student, Mental Health becomes an important topic nowadays because of the pandemic.As young teenagers staying at home and getting burden due to study and online classes hasincreased the tension level among students due to which a lot of cases of hypertension, anxietyattacks, and depression are increasing in young adults which is bad for the growth as it creates a hurdle. Students should take equal amounts of breaks so that they don’t feel fatigued and can focus.

Solution: Experts suggest a healthy sleeping schedule and breaks between study slots and some rest during the day will ensure you don’t burnout. Try and fix video calls with friends and distant family, watch a movie or your favourite show once in a while, eat fruits,nuts and healthy vegetables.

If you face anxiety or depression, try talking to people about it and seek help from therapy or support groups. Don’t neglect your mental health.

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